Toronto Bathurst Manor Community: 10 Recommendations

1 Build a Pedestrian Path from Bathurst Manor to the Barry Sherman Jewish Community Centre


2. Build a Pedestrian Path from Bathurst Manor to G. Ross Lord Park


3. Build a Pedestrian Entrance from Bathurst Manor and the TTC Downsview Subway Station to Downsview Park


4.  Improve the Safety and Effectiveness of the Intersection of Bathurst and Finch, especially for East Bound Traffic Turning Left/North


5. Create Bike Lanes on Wilmington / Bathurst Which have Adequate Capacity and Have Numerous Schools Along Them


6. Fix the Intersection of Dufferin St., Wilson Heights and Kenard Drive


7. Expand the Irving Chapley Community Centre into Major Community Meeting Centre


8. Build a New Library for the Bathurst Manor Clanton Park Neighbourhoods


9. Initiate a Planning and Development Process for the Unused Provincial Lands Between Wilson Heights and Allen Road


10 Extend Sheppard Subway Westward to Downsview Subway Station

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