2013-05-28-30 10th Reinventing Maintenance Conf. – Leon Wasser Presents “Total Productive Maintenance”, Mississauga, ON – “

2013-06-28 Total Productive Management – Leon Wasser – Bio – Re-Inventing Maintenance Conf, Federated Press

2013-06-28 Total Productive Management – Leon Wasser – PPT – Re-Inventing Maintenance Conf, Federated Press

2013-06-28-30 Re-Inventing Maintenance Conference, Federated Press, Event Brochure

As the economy follows its sluggish course, maintenance managers are redoubling their efforts to obtain the greatest efficiency from their systems and machines. Indeed, the need to keep machines running for maximum output and to avoid expensive un-planned stoppages and costly repairs has become critical. One slip-up here can have disastrous consequences not only for the maintenance team but the company as a whole. The 10th Reinventing Maintenance conference brings together senior maintenance and engineering professionals from major Canadian companies who are successfully managing their maintenance processes and, in turn, proving to senior management the value of a well-managed maintenance department in times of economic uncertainty. Join senior maintenance professionals from these leading Canadian organizations as they discuss how they are increasing operational time, reducing downtime and controlling costs:

Cameco Corporation
Patheon Inc.
ERCO Worldwide
Purolator Inc.
Give and Go Prepared Foods Corporation
Barrick Gold Corporation
And many more

Learn practical approaches for dealing with these difficult issues:
• Moving towards prevention and predicting
• Developing effective maintenance KPIs
• Improving training of maintenance managers for competitive advantage
• Change management within the maintenance group
• Preventive vs. emergency maintenance
• Strategic cost reduction practices in maintenance
• Maximizing the effectiveness of a CMMS
• Effective planning and scheduling in lean maintenance

With the level of practical experience at this conference, this is one event you cannot afford to miss. Register now by calling (416) 665-6868 or 1-800-363-0722.

P.S. Don’t miss our practical workshop sessions on optimizing performance through condition-based maintenance and enhancing maintenance through data-driven decisions Hear how Tembec incorporates reliability excellence as a business strategy

Learn how Purolator is improving training of maintenance managers to achieve competitive advantage
Learn how maintenance is keeping the production lines running to drive management targets at Cameco
Learn how ERCO Worldwide establishes and drives maintenance KPIs
Discover how Patheon is refocusing maintenance to be more of a business partner instead of a cost centre
Hear how Give and Go Prepared Foods Corporation has developed its lean maintenance strategy

Who should attend: Plant & Maintenance Managers; Engineers; Directors of Engineering, Operations & Production; Reliability Engineers; Facility Managers; Purchasers; Supply Chain Managers; Physical Asset Managers

10th Reinventing Maintenance Conference Website


10th Reinventing Maintenance Conference PDF Brochure



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