Wasser Resources

Wasser Resources Inc. provides advanced facility optimization solutions to property owners and managers to maximize the performance of their buildings financially, operationally and as great places to live, work, study, have fun or get healthy.

Our technological solutions are diverse, but the unifying theme in everything we offer to our roster of sophisticated clients is that they help facility managers and owners to improve the intelligence, efficiency and reliability of every aspect of their building’s performance.

The sectors that we are most active in are hospitals, colleges & universities, airports, high-rise commercial towers, multi-unit residential (apartments, condos, coops and public housing) and government facilities. In all cases we are pleased to collaborate with consulting engineers, energy consultants as well as internal staff and management at all levels.

Our solutions begin with enhancing the skin of the building and extend into the core of both the facility’s infrastructure and the facility’s operating procedures and practices. In many instances our technologies introduce “intelligence” or automation to both building monitoring and control.

We also work with an extensive network of partner organizations, consulting engineers, contractors and other area experts who complement our areas of knowledge and expertise.

In all cases we commit to our clients to provide appropriate technological solutions that meet their immediate needs – and are designed to provide sustained and sustainable benefits long into the future.

We look forward to continue to expand our circle of service.

The Following is a list or our key corporate strengths:

Experienced: Over 30 years of successful design, implementation & operation of technology solutions
Professional: Long track record in complying with exacting project and client demands
Practical: Extensive hands-on experience with every of wide variety of manufacturing
Collaborative: We work effectively with project clients, suppliers, engineers, contractors and regulators
Communicative: We ensure clear and accurate communications between project stakeholders
Expertise: Solar thermal, solar pv, power system, co-generation and nuclear experience
Reliable: Liaise with suppliers and clients to help guide each project to a successful implementation
National: We serve clients effectively in either English or French across Canada
Extensive Clientele: Major university, hospital, airport, government, office, retail, office & residential projects


Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng., President Wasser Resources Inc.