Canada’s New Federal Government

Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng.

After a very long and divisive campaign, Canadians have elected a new minority Liberal federal government that will have to rely on smaller parties with alligned values, most likely the New Democratic Party and the Green Party of Canada, to support the enactment of legislation as well as the operations of normal governance.

Although there are policy differences between these three parties, there are also broad areas of convergence including, and especially the shared priority about the need to respond to the challenge of Global Climate Change due to the ever accelerating growth of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emmissions.

The combustion of fossil fuels including coal, oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, propane and other carbone based fuels, all produce copius amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHG emissions which continue the catastrophic process of Global Warming. Collaboration between like-minded political parties together with Climate Action Leaders from across Canada, can produce policies which will help slow and ultimately reverse the negative effects to our planet.

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