Canada Day 2010

Happy Canada Day!

It is truly a privilege to live in Canada, one of the most naturally green regions of planet earth especially on this day that celebrates this nation. In this special corner of the world, by the time July 1 rolls along, winter snow and ice have become a distant memory and everyone seems poised for all types of new beginnings. It is specifically because Canadians are so blessed with the bountiful beauties of nature that we have a special obligation to find ways to guard and nurture the natural environments of this planet, and to share our positive experiences with the larger world.

This blog is dedicated to helping to identify and promote Green Building solutions, the innovative and effective ways that people can choose to live, work and build together in greater harmony with each other and with nature. Most specifically, it will discuss both actual successes in building both individual green facilities and entire communities that are attractive, healthy and more sustainable, and areas where we see hurdles of all types ahead. Collectively we are watching the birth of both the Green Building movement and the Resource Conservation movement. As in all periods of great social and economic transformation, the only thing that is certain is that the future that will unfold will be unrecognizable to all of us today. The sustainability challenge that humanity current faces will grant great opportunities to those who possess the vision, creativity, energy and dedication to identify the solutions of tomorrow for the problems of today. I wish every reader of this journal success in achieving both your own human potential as well as your success in helping to create and shape a wonderful Green future for everyone and everything that you love.

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